Thursday, February 09, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Without Commentary


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PB said...

1 Reactions “Tonite”
2 Decade in Exile “Take Me Back to Ordinary”
3 Chris Brokaw “Point of Egress”
4 The High “A Minor Turn”
5 Real Estate “It’s Real”
6 Emitt Rhodes “Somebody Made For Me”

1 The Gizmos “Muff Divin’”
2 Total Abuse “Masked Killer”
3 Avon Ladies “Power Failure”
4 True Sons on Thunder “Life Stinks”
5 This Heat “Twilight Furniture”

1 Great Plains “Letter To a Fanzine”

Brushback said...

I remember first finding out about Emitt Rhodes from an article in Tape Op, probably around '98 or so. I'd never heard of him before then.