Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: The Looming Apocalypse

Here's the first Unblinking Ear Podcast of 2012. Enjoy it while you can and as much you can since, according to the Mayans (who play such an important role in our culture), the clock is ticking.

What do we have for you before impending doom takes us all? A couple of songs from recent releases, a few cuts from 2011 records which were brought to my attention via the "best of" lists of others but are still relatively "new" and a handful of older tunes that I thought would be a good idea to play for whatever reason.

So it's pretty much the usual. But when the streets are running red with blood, you're going to miss the mundanity of normal life. Cherish it now, friends, Cherish it now.

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PB said...

1 Rocket From the Crypt “Pigeon Eater”
2 Brain F≠ “Sleep Rough”
3 Slices “Chump Change”
4 Burning Sensation “Bloodstains”
5 Screaming Tribesmen “Ice”
6 Ernie K. Doe “Here Come the Girls”

1 Bare Wires “Cheap Perfume”
2 Moondogs “Who’s Gonna Tell Mary?”
3 Crystal Stilts “Radiant Door”
4 Dimmer “Dawn’s Coming In”
5 The Beets “Without You”

1 The Game “Gonna Get Me Someone”

Chris Collision said...

Man, another really good one. Loved the Screaming Tribesmen a million years ago: gotta dig out my cassette of Bones + Flowers...

Brushback said...

This one's really great

PB said...

Thanks, guys.

Brushback, I apologize for mutilating the name of your blog on mic.

Brushback said...

Ha, it's been done before, no big deal. It's enough for me that I even get mentioned.

Joni Jones said...

awesome, paul! thanks so much! loving a lot of these tracks, especially "ice"