Thursday, November 03, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Going Live

It seems as though live podcasting all the rage of late. Marc Maron, Julie Klausner and Paul F Tompkins among others have recently hosted live versions of the podcasts to great acclaim and have netted millions of internet dollars in the process.

In my ongoing effort to prove that I can imitate successful people, I'll be doing the same. This Saturday, I'll be hosting the first ever Unblinking Ear Podcast LIVE at the Diamond in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

It will be much like my usual podcast, only instead of it being 45 minutes or so, it will run, I don't know, four to six hours. Other bonuses include:
  • The songs I select will be played through a full sound system rather than your tiny computer speakers.
  • Listening to said songs while drinking alcohol in the company of other living humans rather than alone in your dirty apartment, staring into the middle distance.
  • The possibility of having a conversation with ME! (If you can get past my entourage.)
Another difference is that I won't be talking in between set over looped RZA beats to back announce the songs. The good folks at the Diamond are fans of my podcast but when they play it in the bar, they find the talking distracting.

What's that you say? That this is just a DJ gig and I'm trying to pass it off as something more grandiose and exciting?

You've got a lot of nerve, hypothetical person.

DJ Paul Bruno presents
The Unblinking Ear Podcast LIVE!
Saturday, November 5th
@ The Diamond
43 Franklin St
(between Quay St & Calyer St)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
10 pm

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1 comment:

PB said...

1 The Speedies “Let Me Take Your Foto”
2 Liquor Store “Gas Station”
3 The In Out “Pretty Grim”
4 Shitty/Awesome “Shreds”
5 Lame Drivers “Bring It Back”
6 Trevor White “Crazy Kids”

1 The Strange Boys “Punk’s Pajamas”
2 Holly Golightly “Waiting Room”
3 Alex Chilton “Walking Dead”
4 The Servants “Loggerheads”
5 Veronica Falls “Beachy Head”

1 The Carpettes “Small Wonder”