Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Autumnal Punkquinox 2011

The equinox arrives in just a few days, which means it’s time for one of our special all vintage punk rock editions of the Unblinking Ear Podcast.

I know that even at this late date, some of you still have trouble wrapping your head around the whole punk thing. Hopefully, this report from 20/20 news magazine below help you get a handle on it. No word on if Hugh Downs sold the Lewd and Rude Kids records featured to supplement his social security income. (Via WFMU and Dangerous Minds.)

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PB said...

1 Effigies “Below the Drop”
2 Stick Men With Ray Guns “Satan Baby”
3 The Fartz “Idiots Rule”
4 Accident on the East Lancs “We Want It Legalized”
5 Ivy Green “Another Subculture Going Bad”
6 The Screamers “122 Hours of Fear”

1 Devil’s Hole Gang “Isn’t It”
2 Glo “Nerv”
3 Ice 9 “Out Out Out”
4 The Saints “Erotic Neurotic”
5 Nervous Eaters “Just Head”

1 The Pagans “I Juvenile”

Chris Collision said...

Nice one!

Can I have your copy of Duff's book? I'll send you my copy of Slash's!