Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Vestigial Blues

The following Unblinking Ear Podcast is brought to you by antibiotics, without which I'd still be feeling great pain in various unnecessary body parts like tonsils and wisdom teeth. Instead of assembling this podcast, I'd be sick in bed having fever dreams. Granted, said dreams might be more entertaining than this podcast. But until technology gives us a device that allows others to see visual representations of our dreams ala Dr. Hugo Strange, this will have to do.

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1 comment:

PB said...

1 Human Sexual Response “Pound”
2 The Dead Space “Hard Answers”
3 OBN III’s “Heavy Heart”
4 Boomgates “Layman’s Terms”
5 Wax Idols “All Too Human”
6 Ty Segall “My Head Explodes”

1 Purling Hiss “Been Teased”
2 Naked on the Vague “Abstract Figures”
3 Pel Mel “No Word from China”
4 Straitjacket Fits “Fabulous Things”
5 Whines “Straybird”

1 Shellac “Il Porno Star”