Monday, May 02, 2011

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Anything Happen This Past Weekend?

Anything at all?

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PB said...

1 X Ray Spex "The Day The World Turned Day Glo"
2 Les Olivensteins "Je Suis Negatif"
3 Apache Dropout "It's a Nightmare"
4 Tyler Jon Tyler "Teeth"

1 UV Race "Slow Mo"
2 Naked on the Vague "Clock of 12's"
3 Come "Sad Eyes"
4 Lois Maffeo and Brendan Canty "You Love Your Wounds"

1 Clinic "For The Wars"

Brushback said...

Yay for Tyler Jon Tyler, just saw them yesterday.

Might be seeing Chris Brokaw next week, too.

Brushback said...

No, wait, the Chris Brokaw show is June 10th, not May 10th.

Darn it-- there goes my Come reference.

David said...

Agreed. That Tyler Jon Tyler track was excellent. I need to get their Trouble in Mind 7".