Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Indie Girl Hip Tattoo

As much as I like to think of myself as the antithesis of the sort of blogger who has a "false sense of importance when they're oftentimes just regurgitating press releases and tour dates," I'm not above blatantly directing a little web traffic my way. On examination of the stats for this blog, I've noticed the occasional "referring link" from Microsoft's new search engine, The search terms are usually some combination of "hip tattoo," "girls," "indie," "music" and (at least twice) "tiny redhead teen," which brings them to this particular post. I figured I might as well direct these folks to a more recent post where they might serendipitously become a fan of my podcast. Or perhaps curse me out in the comments section.

Some of my regular readers might find this transparent grab for hits a bit crass. I can understand that but at least these are all terms that have directed people to this blog before. It's not like I'm fishing using search terms like "Anna Paquin True Blood nude" or "Michael Vick" or "Michael Jackson death conspiracy" or "health care tea party" or "Megan Fox nude" or "James Cameron Avatar spoilers" or "cash for clunkers" or "Radiohead leak free download" or "Chris Brown Rihanna nude." That would be going too far.

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1 comment:

aileen said...

My old blog used to get hits from people searching for "how to eat pussy with diagrams" so you might want to throw that in the hopper too.