Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Unblinking Ear Podcast: Timing Is Everything

(Almost certainly not on Christopher Nolan's agenda for the Dark Knight sequel.)

For the first time since April, I've completed two podcasts within the same calendar month. This podcast comes just two weeks after my last one. (Well, 17 days, but who's counting?) Yes, I'm very proud of my newly punctual work ethic.

Of course, I haven't updated this blog with anything else in the month of July. I suppose I needed a bit of mental break. I know it would have been nice if altered you, dear reader, to this development. However, you can probably count on a more prolific August, as I've written some rough drafts here and there. Those should be polished up and ready to post in the near future. I'm a lot like Mr. Nolan in my need to perfect my ideas for public consumption. Sure, none of my ideas have grossed $533 million but I think you'd have to admit they're not a bad as nipples on the batsuit either.

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