Monday, July 28, 2008

This Moment in Slack History: Morsels from the Last Great Era of the 7 Inch Record

"This Moment in Slack History" collects songs from 90s indie 7 inches. For further explanation, please see my original post here.

Odes "Honey Gets Hard"

In between playing bass for NYC uber-hipster outfit Love Child and founding, Rebecca Odes had herself a little solo project which released this single and an 8-song mini-LP, both on Merge, in the mid-90s. The A-side of this 7 inch, "Meltaway" is a nice little slice of dream pop but the B-side is the real winner. It's pretty sexy and suggestive for a song about frigidity. And take a look at that back cover.

Hubba hubba.

I don't know know what Odes is up to musically nowdays but it seems as though since leaving, she's gotten married, started a family and written a few books. If you want to remember how she was back then, this 7 inch is still available from Merge for three and a half bucks.

Play or Download Odes "Honey Gets Hard"


Miss. Francis said...

Funny, her single sounds a lot like "I'm drunk" by the Grifters.
Either way, she's a heoine and her books (except the pregnancy one) are always popular borrows from my classroom lending library. No teenage gurl should have to go through adolescence without a copy of Deal With It!

PB said...

Oops. Fixed.