Thursday, April 17, 2008

Make this Band Your Myspace Friend: Thomas Function

I know I haven't updating this blog in a while and certainly not with anything very worthwhile but when something's this good you've just got to let the people know about it. If you're like me and you think Pavement peaked with "Box Elder" or if you've ever wanted to hear what a cross between Great Plains and the Art Attacks might sound like, boy have I got the band for you.

On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing Thomas Function perform at the Annex here in New York in front of a crowd of maybe three dozen or so. Lately I've been verbalizing to anyone who will listen that I think bands should only do 20 minute sets. This probably started shortly after seeing Jay Reatard, who blasted through a set of about a dozen song in about that time. I get bored easily I suppose and usually about halfway though many bands' sets I become restless and wonder if I couldn't be spending my time better elsewhere. But damn me if Thomas Function didn't keep my attention for the duration. So much so, that without hesitation I plunked down $20 for their LP and both 45s they had for sale (All on colored vinyl! Take that, digital age!) despite the fact that I have about $25 in my bank account until my next payday. Hell, if that's not a recommendation, I don't know what is. I've seen the band compared to Television and the Modern Lovers but that's really only telling half the story. They're nowhere near as punctilious as the the former or as coy as the latter. Thomas Function play their off-kilter pop songs with an unabashed enthusiasm that's won that them a following with the usually suspicious of anything cleaner than scuzz garage crowd. I know it's only April but the band's debut album Celebration is going to be hard to beat for record of the year.

Also, a quick word about the headliners Live Fast Die. I caught them for a couple of songs as they went on way after my bedtime but they were thoroughly entertaining as well. And not just for their songs either as they displayed some funnier on stage banter I've heard in a while. I suppose a band with song titles like "Camero Shit the Bed" and lyrics like "I like weapons for killing stuff" should have a good sense of humor. Their debut LP Bandana Trash Record is recommended for fans of Rip Off Records, "Kicked Out of the Webelos"-era Queers or anyone who thinks GG Allin is hilarious.

Make Thomas Function your myspace friend.

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