Saturday, March 08, 2008

My nerdiness is showing

No, this isn't about the death of Gary Gygax.

Yesterday, director Zach Snyder posted pictures from the now in post-production Watchmen movie:

I'm sure nerds around the world are alternately salivating and griping over the pictures. I really don't mind the modifications to the original costumes. Let's face it, some of them would look pretty silly on screen as compared to the page. If I have any complaint it's that Silk Spectre II looks far too young. Laurie Juspeczyk is what, in her late 30s/early 40s during the events of Watchmen? I suppose the target audience would rather look at someone more nubile in that outfit. And where's Dr. Manhattan? I want to see a blue, bald and naked Billy Crudup.

As much as I love the original graphic novel I little faith this movie is going to be any good. People have been called Watchmen unfilmable for 20 years and nothing in director Snyder's prior oeuvre (300, the Dawn of the Dead remake) that leads me to believe he's found the secret to make it work. But yeah, I'll probably still see it anyway. At the very least I'm sure it will look good.

You can see the rest of the images here. The movie won't be out for another year.

There's also a terrific piece on the work of Watchmen author Alan Moore in the Onion AV Club which I suggest you all check out. I'm going to head to the comic shop in a little while and fill in the gaps in my collection.

I'll probably be getting even nerdier in the near future but there's a good chance in will be on this blog.

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