Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Moment in Slack History: Morsels from the Last Great Era of the 7 Inch Record

"This Moment in Slack History" collects songs from 90s indie 7 inches. For further explanation, please see my original post here.

Helium "Hole in the Ground"
You all probably know Helium. At least everyone I knew back in 96 or so did. Mary Timony's post-Autoclave project put out 2 full lengths and a handful of EPs on Matador in the mid 90s. "Hole in the Ground" is from their second 7" released on the quite excellent Pop Narcotic label in 1993 just prior to the band being snatched up by the multi-conglomerate. In all seriousness, it was probably this single that convinced Matador to sign them and it's easy to hear why. It remains one of my favorite songs from the band and it's sadly out of print and unavailable anywhere else. (Though I believe the B Side, "Lucy," is on the "rarities" disc of What's Up, Matador? compilation/label sampler.) Give it a listen and dig that female empowerment, sister.

Play or Download Helium "Hole in the Ground"

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