Monday, July 09, 2007

Make this band your Myspace friend: Wooden Shjips

I was turned on the these guys via the fabluous blog Agony Shorthand (which has closed down and now exists as the equally fabulous but more MP3 intensive Detailed Twang). Total mind fuck psych rock drone that absolutely no one will be grooving to at Burning Man. The band released two fine pieces of vinyl last year ("Shrinking Moon for You" + 2 10" and "Dance, California" b/w "Clouds Over Earthquake" 7"). These records might be a little hard to find but you write the band, ask nicely and promise to send money, they'll send them to you. Seriously, I got in touch with the band and they sent me a record before I even cut a check. What a bunch of swell guys!! And if you're not turntable equipped (for shame!) you can listen to 3 of their 5 released cuts on their myspace page. Full length supposedly coming this year.

Make Wooden Shjips your myspace friend.

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